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Re: Lions and Tigers and CAEs, oh my!

<< As they get older, they become more nocturnal, and feed from the slime coat
 (and sometimes scales they can get loose) from the sides of fish that must
 sleep at night. Only close observation will show the round sucker marks they
 leave. The victims gradually die off from any one of dozens of diseases that
 the damaged skin permits to invade. The CAE is almost never caught in the
 act. Mysterious deaths just seem to soar in their tanks. >>

Well GREAT!  According to the helpful messages folks have sent in, I have not 
one, but THREE CAEs!! They are brown, their stripe is brown, and it is not 
solid, but more like connected spots.  Who would knowingly keep these things? 
 The larger one is three inches or so, and I have had a couple of mysterious 
deaths -- right now I have isolated Turk, my betta who seems to have a mouth 
injury -- he looked like he kissed a vacuum cleaner, or that he is related to 
Charles Barkley.  I have not seen any photos of the CAEs, but my fish do not 
look like the photos of the otos and SAEs that were listed.  These guys are 
pretty active during the day, and I have never seen them attack or chase 
anyone but each other.  They did a nice job on the brown algae I had when I 
first got the tank.  Do they still sound like CAEs?  Am I in denial?  Do they 
need to go back to the pet store?
Thanks, and sorry this isn't plant related.  You guys also seem to be the 
most reliable place to get good fish info too.