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Re: Lobelia cardinalis

    Jeff , the L. cardinalis you have in the garden will grow in your tank 
with enough light and CO2, but probably isn't the stuff with "nickel sized 
leaves " you are thinking of.  I expect you are thinking of "dwarf lobelia" 
which is the same species but a different variety with a very different 
growth habit submersed.  I have some garden variety cardinal flower in my 
tank now and don't especially like it.  It grows too big before it looks good.
    I have been looking for the dwarf stuff myself for some time now (not too 
hard) and haven't seen it.  I have heard someone mention that it is hard to 
    Pierre in Maryland 

>  I have a plant out by (not in) my pond, that has beautiful long maroon
>  leaves and every summer it gives off bright red flower stalks. When I 
>  it the nursery called it "Lobelia cardinalis". Is this the same stuff
>  (Lobelia cardinalis) that grows with nickel-sized green leaves in the
>  aquarium?
>  TIA,
>  - - Jeff