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Re: Yet another beginner trying to beat BBA

>>Anything obvious that I am missing?  I havenšt
started micro-nutrients yet, but plan to soon.<<

Micronutrients are absolutely essential to proper
growth of plants.  In my first tank, I recall
deficiences appearing after about 1.5 month which is
approx. where you are at now.  Unless it is a
financial burder I would recommend Tropica Master Grow
and Seachem Fluorish over PMDD (I have used all three)
for the long run.  Are your plants showing any signs
of nutrient deficiencies?

>>Another plan I have is to remove the guppies (take
them back) and put in a couple of SAEšs.<<

Twenty guppies in a 6gal tank is pushing the limits of
acceptable fishloads in my opinion.  How much and how
often are you feeding them?  Are you vacuuming the
substrate during water changes?  By feeding twenty
guppies you are injecting sizable amounts of nitrogen
and phosphate, while at the same time not providing
the other required nutrients in similar proportions.

I have kept a couple of 10gal tanks for several
months.  Killifish (very light fishloads), no co2, no
circulation/filtration, infrequent water changes,
2watts/gal NO fluoro, very little micronutrient
supplemenation.  Plant growth is slow, but steady.  I
have never had any algae of any kind in these two
tanks.  In fact, when I add plants with algae, the
algae dies.

To further illustrate the important role that
feeding/fishload plays, I have a 75gal planted discus
growout that has suffered bouts of cyanobacteria,
black hair algae, and green hair algae, with
subsequent addition of SAEs, American Flag Fish, and
amano shrimp.  Sort of like a dog chasing its tail.

I think you are on the right track with micronutrient
supplementation and reducing your fish load.

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