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Re: Java Moss

> Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:51:41 EDT
> From: NorbSpitzer at gateway_net
> Subject: Re: Java Moss
> Looking for a small amount of Java  Moss.  Only stuff I have to trade are:
> Anacharis, Cambomba Carolinius and some small Crispus Aponogeton,  (I think).
> Anyone interested, please contact me off line.
> Norb Spitzer


Hi Norb,

    If you are by chance here in Canada, I would be glad to oblige you, but
shipping live plants across the border is, I believe, more trouble than it
is worth for us hobbyists.

    In light of the hassles involved in shipping plants across international
borders, if people posting an interest in trading plants on the list can
state where they live (in a general sense) it would be helpful. This list
covers a lot of geography, and I can't always tell where someone is posting
from by their email address.

Best regards,

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario, Canada