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The much feared CAE

This is a little off topic, except that we're talking about a fish here that
at one point or another many of us consider putting in our tank. About a
year or so ago, I ignorantly got myself a *golden algae eater* (also a CAE),
and after some questions on the APD, and realizing what I'd gotten, I
returned it. This is the only fish in my fish-keeping history that I've ever
returned. I thought it was really funny that Wright posted the first message
about these guys  right after I received 2 of them for my anniversary, from
my spouse. Now I was in a quandary.  He went to the trouble of setting up a
quarantine tank out of an old water dispensing unit (about 5 gallons),
cleaning the thing and sealing the spout so it wouldn't leak, and getting
the fish in there. I deliberated and was cautioned by a friend not to return
them (remember, we're talking an anniversary gift here). The next day I
returned them to the store (Walmart of all places to boot) with the
intention of acquiring some otocinclus to put in their place, and fool the
spouse into thinking he'd correctly id'd the docile otocinclus, and not
brought home the horrible CAE. I couldn't find any otos in town, at any
store that normally carries them, however, so I was exposed.

I was just wondering, how many fishkeepers would do this to their spouse?
What would you do if your spouse got you CAE's for a wedding anniversary?


p.s. BTW, Catherine, I have to tell you that some people do keep these fish,
and have reported no violent or carnivorous activities from them, even when
full grown (at approx 8 inches or so).