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What's this fish?

I have been lurking for a few months now absorbing all the good information

I thought I would post this to help identify SAE's, CAE's, etc.  Sure hope
it works.

1. Does the fish have a solid black stripe down its side, or is it
Checkerboard: CAE
Solid: Go to 2.

2. Does the black stripe extend all the way through the tail?
Yes: Go to 3
No: False Siamensis.

3. Does the fish have a black stripe down its topside, or is the topside
Black: go to 4
Gray: SAE

4. Does the fish have black dots or marks in its tailfin?
Yes: Oto
No: Flying Fox

This information came from 2manyfish on the www.animalnetwork.com board.
The actual post is at:


It is the last post and will probably be deleted by the next poster.

Craig J. Carline