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Re: Otos vs. CAE

Okay, I'll admit my deplorable ignorance.... I thought Otos and CAEs were the 
same thing.  After you sent this, I did try to find the difference out on the 
Krib web site, but it was not responding today.  Is there another site that 
folks can recommend so I can learn the difference?  And a site where I can 
learn how to tell a real SAE?  I *think* I have three Chinese algae eaters, 
or otos..... arghghhh!  I'm so confused!

<<  Yes, this *does* bear repeating -- I don't know exactly what you mean.  
 > you saying that otos damage other fish?  This is something I have never 
 > heard, please elaborate.  Thanks, Catherine
 > << t probably doesn't need repeating, but they, and any other fish that 
 >  at night, cannot survive long in any tank containing a Chinese Algae (sic)
 >  Eater (aka Asiatic Scale Sucker).
 How did Otos get into this discussion? I certainly didn't mention them. I
 was talking about CAEs (*Gyrinocheilus aymonieri*), a notoriously vicious
 and misnamed "algae" eater.