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Sword-type Plants Becoming Uprooted

I have about half-a-dozen sword type plants (anubias?), i.e. rosettes of
lancelote leaves, about 8-10 inches in length, growing from about a
half-inch of cut-off rhizome. The rhizomes have developed a number of very
springy, twisted white roots, that head off in all directions, as well as
some small
networks of fine, light green roots.

Here's my problem.  With the slightest disturbance (vacuuming, planting
nearby, etc.), these plants tend to become uprooted.  They generally rise
about an inch or so, trapped either by other plants, or by their roots being
caught on something.  If they were completely free, they would float to the
surface.  No matter how hard I push them back down into the substrate
(I'm not even sure the rhizome *should* be buried), they almost always
spring up again.

So, what can I do to "plant" them?  Or does it even matter that they don't
stay rooted in the (gravel and laterite) substrate?  Will they do
just fine, "floating" an inch or so above the gravel?

John T. Fitch
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