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Re: Why do SAE's die.....

> From: "David Berryman" <dberryman7479 at mediaone_net>
> Subject: Re: Why do SAE's die so easly-Updated info
> ***I change about 25-30% every week.

	How about chlorine/chloramine treatment?  I don't know what your
water supply is like.  Wright commented on this earlier....
> ***once every other day, as much as they can eat in 30 seconds without it
> hitting the bottom.

	It seems possible, in view of this bit..

> ***I have just found them dead, no known symptoms. They look kind of skinny.

	.. that they starved.  My SAE's are first at the trough for any
food that goes in, but if you don't have algae, and the other fish grab
the food, it might be that SAE's in poor condition from the store would
never get to eat.

	I can give another (store) name for SAE's - Foxy Ladies.  I went
away to check what they were, and by the time I got back the price had gone

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada