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Re: Re: GW, snake oils, and Barley

Tom wrote:

The Barley stuff didn't do squat for any algae issues
I tested it 
one bit. Why? I'm not certain but the research
indicates that it lowers
NO3's............this is common nutrient in most
folk's tanks that's 
in excess. No so in my tanks and others who test and
keep a close eye
management of these levels. So the chances of it
working if that is the
problem is dependent on that. There are many more
dependent factors 
that are unique to each tank as well. Interestingly,
low NO3 tanks did 
respond and that NO3 is removed by straw extract. It
seems there might 
correlation there. 

Well, I can definitely rule out the NO3. This was a
new tank, and there was no time for it to cycle. I
also do not use CO2. Here is the situatuion it worked
for me in:

-New 125 tank
-288 watts cf lighting
-Sand, clay cat litter (very little), and flourite
substrate (I like the look of this mix)
-Heavy planting of various bunch plants and swords
-Less than 20 fish (now there are lots of fish, but no
idea how many too many babies)
-Only additives used were barley and Seachem Excel
(neither used at full recommended dosage, I just added
a bit at the beginning and then added more when I felt
like it or when algae started)

The first algae was on the driftwood and on the stems
of some plants. It was typical hair algae, but never
seemed to get green. I also got some fuzzy looking
growth that looked like fungus on the wood. THis stuff
was black and I was worried it would be bad. When the
algae started to get a little more growth (it still
was a brownish color instead of green) I hit the tank
with another dose of barley. Two days later all algae
gone. There were three "giant otocinclus" (thats what
they were labeled, I can send a pic if anyone is
interested) and some ghost shrimp. Since then I had
one episode where I started to get some algae on the
glass where the lights hit near the top. Dosed again
and wiped algae away. No algae since. I do not test
any water parameters, I see no need for it, though I
did break down and buy a pH test kit before adding the
discus. The only fish I have lost were some altums and
some rams, interestingly the rams spawned twice then
kicked the bucket.


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