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Re: Razor Blades..again....still???PLASTIC!!

For the record,I have used razor blades on glass for years(automotive
mostly,aquariums more recently)...and have never had a problem.I believe the
keys are: 1)keep the angly of attack low(ie:blade angle should be             
       between 20 to 40degrees
              2)Let the blade do the work...in other words,you dont need      
          your entire body weight behind it :)
              3)"strokes" should always be horizontal,so that in the event
                 that you should scratch,it will be much less noticeable
              4)a box of 100 razor blades runs under $8.00Can @ Home          
           Depot,so don't be scared to change blades often!!
              5)A rusty blade will most certainly scratch the glass!!,so      
           refer to #3  
   And,for those who are too anal to risk using a steel razorblade,I recently
remembered that back in my autobody days,we used to use plastic razorblades
for decal/pinstripe removal.I called a local bodyshop supply,they are still
available...and I now have a box of 100...they set me back $7.03Can incl.tax
  And another usefull tool I picked up is a squeeegeee used by professional
window tinters(I got mine @ Supertint,its a 5" wide"Blue Max"...set me back
~$5.00),it is made of a very hard rubber,I tried it on green spot algae...no
luck...but I'm sure it would work well on the softer varietys.....
...Just some ramblings...HTH somebody :)       James(Western Canada)

fortunejd at usa_net

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