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Re: Why do SAE's die so easly-Updated info

***I change about 25-30% every week.  Flake food.  I have 10 Neon's, and 6
Rummy Nose, not a heavy fish load.

What's your schedule for water changes?  What are you feeding?  I have found
that there's not any visible algae in my tank any more (I also have a few
Amano shrimp), but the SAEs also eat regular fish food....

***Ammonia is at 0 and I have an RO system for the water.  PH usually at 7.0
to 7.2

Chlorine and ammonia (e.g., chloramines) are the first things to suspect.
Both should always test at zero in any water you add to your tank.
It probably doesn't need repeating, but they, and any other fish that sleeps
at night, cannot survive long in any tank containing a Chinese Algae (sic)
Eater (aka Asiatic Scale Sucker).


- - the size of the tank
***55 gallon
- - all the other fishes (species, size, age)
***10 Neon's, 6 Rummy Nose, usually 6 Amano Shrimp, but they have died also.
They lasted about as year.  Fish are about a year and a half old.  Some are
newer then that...about 6 months old.
- - temperature
***72-74 F
- - your water chemistry
***FE 0.1-0.5, GH 4-5, KH 4-5, PH 7.0-7.2, No3 0, No2 0, Ammonia 0
- - your water changes
***25-30% once a week
- - feeding
***once every other day, as much as they can eat in 30 seconds without it
hitting the bottom.
- - filtering.
***Bio-Wheel with charcoal
- - any possible medication, chemicals added to water etc.
***zero meds used.  I have just started to use PMDD within the last week,
but they have all been dead b-4 that.
- - symptoms of these dying/dead SAEs
***I have just found them dead, no known symptoms. They look kind of skinny.
- - you are sure that they are real SAEs
***Yes, they have the black stripe running all the way through the back

None of the other fish are seen sucking for air at the top of the tank.  I
have CO2 at about 1bps.

Thanks for the help everyone.  I sure do appreciate it.  BTW, we have only
two suppliers here in the Twin Cities that I know of.  Unless Jason knows of
some others.