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Re: UV's and a waste of $

> In my desperation to get rid of green water I am trying some Azoo Greenwater
> remover... I dosed it and its meant to clear the aquarium in a few hours..
> nothing done yet..
> I think its a waste of money getting a UV sterilizer or diatom filter just
> to clear up greenwater that will probably never happen again (never happened
> again in my other tanks.  Im not sure where to get a started culture of
> daphnia from so this has left me to the chemical treatment side of things.

Is well polished crystal clear sterile water a waste? Is buying snake oils a

What price does one put on Desperation?

If you have a recurring GW problem it is extremely effective/fast easy to
apply. You could also borrow a UV or take a Magnum off a tank or a friend's
tank and put the micron cartiage in there and use the filter for 3-4 days
till it's clear. Pet warehouse sells a HOT magnum for about 45$. Aquanetics
UV's can be had for 40-60$ for the 4-8 watt models. Least you got something
afterwards beside an empty bottle of snake oil.
But the real problem is why the GW started up in the first place.....
It's not bad for your plants and all but it likes to hang out even after you
correct things and do water changes. Black out can work especially after a
big water change. As soon as you do a big water change, Drop the blanket on
there's for 3 days or 4. Add two blankets to be sure no light is making it
in if you have too. Cost= nothing. Snake oil = $.
> Has anyone used any sort of chemical that removes greenwater sucessfully ?

Yes, it's called good nutrient management and filtration. Do that and you
don't get GW.
Add CO2 well.
Make sure the filter does not get clogged.
Do not toss in a bunch of NPK and/or disturb the substrate too much in a
rich high light tanks....etc without water changes to lower these spikes.
Uncycled tanks that are not yet mature will get it.
It doesn't "magically appear". There's a reason. Once established it can
live on almost no nutrients at all compared to the inputs and leftovers from
the plants, fish and gravel.

Learn how to deal with light, CO2 and nutrients. If your cheap, blackout. If
your well heeled, UV and or micron filtration(40$ or so and up). Both work.
If your a bio-back to nature person, Daphnia. etc. There are more ways to
cure GW than any other algae in tanks.

GW, hair algae, BBA etc etc can all be "cured" by good conditions and
maintenance. Stay away from "snake oils and cure all's".
That IS a waste of YOUR money!
Tom Barr