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RE: Re: Planted Aquaria magazine issue 2

>>I suggest you or your company first invest in a quality network and/or
computer instead of bitching about the size of a download. He warned you
that it was big, and even apologised for it in advance!  Remember,Dave is
offering this as a courtesy, a good will gesture - no one is twisting your
arm to download it.

Oh give me a break Dan! I work in an office of only ten people sharing a DSL
line which will be soon upgraded to a T1. I am an account manager for a
networking/thin client manufacturer, so I doubt if you could teach me
anything new! The pictures alone fill up the whole screen. I dont see any
reason to have anything that big on my computer.

Different Dan I presume:
>>The file is about 4.2 meg. It took a little under a minute for me to
download (getting about 100k/sec throughput on a cable connection). With a
56k modem getting about 3-6k/sec throughput I estimate it should take about
15 to 20 minutes to download.<<

Thats what I have at home is 56K, and as I said after waiting ten minutes I
gave up...so that sounds about right.

>>If you are attempting to download it with a browser with the Acrobat
Reader plugin, the browser may try to display the document instead of simply
downloading it. This takes more memory and could crash systems without
sufficient RAM. It also takes more processing muscle, so slower systems will
struggle to render the PDF within the browser. Disabling the plugin, or
setting the browser to download instead of display the file may prevent
these problems.<<

That sounds right, I just clicked on the link Dave provided...
Sorry, I'll bitch if I want to! I think the magazine is great, and I'll
just keep the printed versions thank you!