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Re:Gombergs Planted Aquarium Magazine pdf file

 For those of you who are having a hard time viewing
and reading the hard to find issue Dave mentioned,
there is a way to view it offline that is much faster.

1.  Go to the following link:  http://www.wcf.com/pam/

2.  That page has a link to the pdf file, right click
on the colored portion of the following link under
pam2 (2000)  "Now an online PDF file". 

3.  Click on the Save Target As.  Note where your
computer is going to save the file and then download
it.  If you are afraid you wont be able to find the
file after its copied to your harddrive, then write
down the file name on a piece of paper and do a find
from the start menu afterwards.

Note: you will need to have acrobat reader installed
to view the file.

Thank you Dave for making this issue available to
those of us who arent lucky enough to have it.


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