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Re: Planted Aquaria magazine issue 2

I disagree. The pictures are coarse enough as it is; I'd prefer they were a
higher resolution.

The file is about 4.2 meg. It took a little under a minute for me to
download (getting about 100k/sec throughput on a cable connection). With a
56k modem getting about 3-6k/sec throughput I estimate it should take about
15 to 20 minutes to download.

If you are attempting to download it with a browser with the Acrobat Reader
plugin, the browser may try to display the document instead of simply
downloading it. This takes more memory and could crash systems without
sufficient RAM. It also takes more processing muscle, so slower systems will
struggle to render the PDF within the browser. Disabling the plugin, or
setting the browser to download instead of display the file may prevent
these problems. 

I wouldn't think a company network would be the bottleneck, but it's
possible if there are many users sharing internet access or something.

BTW, nice mag Dave G. I've been curious about it ever since reading about it
here on the list, and this was a good way for me to preview the thing. The
experience may end up costing me $20. :)

Dan Dixon

> From: "Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net>
> Good grief David, thats a might big file to download...it crashed my
> computer at work, it was more than our network could handle, and after ten
> minutes at home I gave up. Next time I would sacrifice a little of the pic
> quality for a more realistic download!