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Re: DIY UV Sterilizer

Jon Hammond:

>Is it possible to make a DIY UV Sterilizer? I know that the UV sterilizer
>tubes are available at the wholesale place where I get my tubes for my tank
>from..  Any danger involved ??

The obvious dangers of diddling with UV should have been explained by your
wholesaler.  That spectrum range is EXTREMELY deleterious to the eyes and
skin and can cause severe retinal damage after only a fleeting close range
exposure.  Jon, I assume you are fairly "handy" to consider this project
but say you do build one, will you have enough confidence in your handiwork
to reasonably ensure family safety if kids are around given what's at stake?  

How will you test it to see if it works? 

It's a neat idea and many of us (myself included) have considered building
one.  I just don't know if I'd trust myself or another's DIY plan to
foresee and forestall all the possible "can-go-wrongs".  Is it really worth
the risks?  They arnt THAT expensive these days.

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