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Shrimp & Discus Don't Mix


I would say it's more a problem of how the shrimp
would handle the discus. Yamato Numa Ebi (Amano
shrimp) can tolerate a fair bit of heat, I've had some
survive 28-30C temps with no problem. Discus are a
problem, they consider small shrimps as a staple part
of their diet and nothing you do or say will convince
them otherwise. You can try it but, these will be some
of the most expensive feeder shrimp you will have ever

Ed Venn
Tokyo Japan

> I am having a small algae problem in my 34 gal
> diskus tank (only 1 pair)
> I normaly use Caridina Japonica shrimps (amano
> shrimps) to take care of the
> algae.
> How do they handle they high temperature ? Will it
> work ?

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