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Re: Question about AHSupply Lighting

I have two 96 watt Bright Kits from AH supply in my planted 90 gallon.  I'm currently growing
with no difficulty whatsoever the following: Several sword variateies, two different Val
speciies, egeria najans, anachris, cabomba, java fern, microsword, pennywort, h. difformis
(and that's only what I rememember.) And I'm only doing a little piddly DIY C02 injection. I
will be doing even more planting when I spring for a real C02 system.

Remember that you get a lot of bang out of these kits because they come with a highly polished
mirror reflector that is scientifically designed.  I think they would be plenty for your 75.
Perhaps if you want really high lighting get the two 96 watt Bright Kit and one of the 96 Watt
"Add On" kits.

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