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Re: Question about AHSupply Lighting

Regarding whether to go with 2x96w or 4x55w in 75g, it
really depends on your setup.  Me, I have split the
difference with 1x96w and 2x55w.  Originally I was
using NO, and then bought the 96w to supplement the NO
fluoros.  When I finally replaced the last 2x40w, I
decided to go with the 2x55w instead of the 1x96w so
as to eliminate shadowed areas.  As is, in the back
where I keep my 96w, both back corners are somewhat
shaded.  This isn't necessarily a problem, if you keep
low-light plants in those areas (right now I have
didiplis and vivipara which are both doing well, in
fact didiplis seems to prefer subdued light in my
experience).  But one might also consider the
increased cost of replacing 4x55w bulbs compared to
the 2x96w.

Bottom line:
1) 4x55w gives you the most aquascaping flexibility,
and is probably the perfect amount of light for a
high-light tank (my macrandra grows a deep red). 
Whereas 2x96w will give you shaded areas.
2) 4x55w is more expensive in the short and longterm.
3) unsolicited advice--go with the higher K bulbs,
6700K.  More white, less yellow.

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