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Water Testing?

Hi...my name is Brandon and I've been a lurker for some time now.  I have a
100G heavily planted tank that I am pretty sure is suffering from a slight
potassium deficiency.  I have some connections at a water lab and I will be
getting my water tested as a favour.  I am told that I can get up to 30
elements tested.  Obviously, all of the macro nutrients and major water
parameters will be included (pH, CO2, nitrates (ites), PO4, Fe, K, etc) but
I am wondering which micro nutrients I should include in the to-be-tested
list?  The other question, is if anyone knows weather I need to specify
different chemical compounds e.g.. CaCO3, or if I can just request Ca to be
tested (hardness is a bad example, but same with sulfates, other oxides

Thanks in advance to all of you extremely knowledgeable experts!

Brandon Yott
Guelph, Ontario