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RE: Question about AHSupply Lighting

> Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 09:00:38 -0600
> From: "Laura Czerwiec" <fishystuff at hotmail_com>
> Hello!  My name is Laura.  I've been lurking for awhile learning a lot of
> great stuff (thanks!), and now I have a question regarding the lights from
> AH Supply.  I have a 75 gallon tank, 48" long, which I've just set up.  I
> want a planted aquarium, and I'm wondering what my best choice for lights
> would be.  I am considering the 4x55 setup that AH Supply offers, would this
> be adequate for my tank?  I was considering the 2x96 setup, but I don't
> think that this is enough light.  Please give me your ideas and suggestions.

I have the same tank (75 gallon) and have used the AH Supply 4x55W kit on it.
I'm a regular buyer from AHS, they have great products, service and prices.

I would concur with what others have said: 4x55 might be too much. In my case,
I'm very happy with it because (a) I have the front and rear rows on separate
timers, with an overlapping cycle, and (b) my hood keeps the lights about 4"
above the glass, so I lose some light there.

I end up with a pretty versatile system since the tank really lights up nicely
with either the front or rear lights lit. Here's a picture of my setup if
you're curious.

Are you planning on using CO2? If not, 4x55W is way overdoing it. It will just
grow tons of algae.