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Re: how do you make onion plants happy?

I agree with Gabriella. I have a seven or eight year old Crinum thaianum
in my 180 gallon tank. It has grown slowly over the years. It developes
quite a root system and the bulb has gone from 3/4" to about 3" in
diameter. I wonder what size the bulb will eventually attain. It
produces a couple of bulblets a year now. Moving it really stalls its
growth. Its in plain gravel and receives only water column

> From: "Gabriella Kadar" <kadarg at 3web_net>
> Subject: Re: how do you make onion plants happy?
> Catherine,
> I certainly do not claim to be a 'pro' but I have one of these plants and I
> believe the secret to keeping them happy and growing is to leave them alone
> as much as possible.  They don't seem to take to moving them about as easily
> as say a swordplant.  They like substrate fertilization and good lighting.
> It can take months and months before you see them grow lots of new 'leaves'
> and then it's usually because you've totally ignored them and stuck them
> someplace out of heavy traffic.
> Gabriella
> Toronto
> Catherine wrote:
> I would like to know what I need to do to make crinums (onion plants)
> healthy
> and happy.  I got two bulbs, planted them, and waited.......... almost
> nothing has happened whereas I have had to prune my stem plants several
> times
> since February when I planted the tank.  Now the leaves are turning white on