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RE: snail shells and calcium

Hi Daphne,

I tried coral to harden my very soft water last year, but found it too 
difficult to regulate the quantity in the water - do an extra big water change 
and you lose it all!  What I do is put some powdered dolomite in the filter 
(thanks to some good advice from list members!) - you need to experiment to 
see how much you need to add, by testing with a Calcium test a day or two 
later - I keep my water at 40 ppm, which is plenty for the ramshorns I seem to 
endlessly breed!  I add about half a teaspoon of dolomite for my 25 gal at 
water changes.  I also add enough Equilibrium to keep the GH nearer 8-9 
degrees; I add a tiny bit of baking soda to keep a KH is about 3-4 degrees in 
my guppy tank, giving me a pH of 7.4-ish. My tap water is around 5.5 - 6.0 in 
pH, zero everything else.

Hope that helps,

Susi Barber