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Re: collecting

> It's that time of year again. I'm going out to the
> rivers, streams and irrigation channels of rural Japan
> in search of plants. I've had some good luck in
> finding a lot of species and getting them home. Never
> had much luck with waterlilies, lotus and some of the
> bulbous sagitteria species. If any of you intrepid
> explorers such as Tom Barr et al could give me some
> hints on stalking the wild pondweed, I'd be most
> appreciative.

Map of all the accessible streams, lakes etc. Stop at bridges etc and run
down to the creeks and look. Take hikes along marshes, creeks, ponds, the
other end (not the end with the dam) of a dammed lake, consider it like a
nice outing into nature and bring a small plastic bag for collections. Deep
wooded forest lakes and streams and high altitude stuff is out and should be
avoided. Ask at the local clubs, colleges also. Drainage ditches even in
towns are good for some species. I had a 3-4 ft Echinodorus weed right next
to my place and all over the area in the storm drains. Bring a shovel. Or an
Also if the water is murky, take a stick or rake and comb the bottom. You'll
sometimes pull up interesting plants that you cannot see at the surface.
Tom Barr 

> Edward Venn
> Tokyo Japan