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Question about AHSupply Lighting

Hi Laura,

For the last couple of years that I have used purchased from them, I 
have found AH Supply to be an excellent supplier of compact lights. 
Their products are of high quality and excellent value for the money. 
Recently, I purchased lighting setups for my two 75 gallon tanks.  I 
thought the 2 x 96W was enough light because of the high quality 
reflectors (especially after having actually looked at one that was 
powered up - I think I still see white lines!) but I went with the 4 
x 55 setup for each tank for several reasons:
1.) more even coverage of light - the four 55W bulbs will almost 
completely fill the 4' hood while the 96W bulbs are only 36" long.
2.) can mix bulb temperatures (I am putting two 5300K and two 6700K 
bulbs in each hood)
3.) can stage bulbs separately (I plan on having two bulbs on for ~10 
-12 hrs per day and during that time I will have the other two bulbs 
on for 6 - 8 hrs).

Let me know what you decided to go with and how you like it after you 
have installed it.