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RE: Can't kill this greenwater ! HELP :)

I had some really difficult green water a few months ago.  About two
days after installing my new U/V Sterilizer from lifeguard, it was
crystal clear!

No problems since.

Clinton Frankland
Alanta, GA

>Ok I have blanked out the tank for 2 weeks with a heavy black blanket
and I
>checked and the tank had cleared significantly but was still not
>clear.  I changed 70% of the water and installed my new lights (180W of
>fluro over a 50gal tank) and in a few days the tank and gone liek peas
>again ! what should I do ? I thought maybe I will try and attack it
>different angle by heavily planting with something like ambulia, and
>lots of riccia and duckweed on the surface and then supplement with
>nutrients (which ones should I add?).