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Re: how do you make onion plants happy?


I certainly do not claim to be a 'pro' but I have one of these plants and I
believe the secret to keeping them happy and growing is to leave them alone
as much as possible.  They don't seem to take to moving them about as easily
as say a swordplant.  They like substrate fertilization and good lighting.
It can take months and months before you see them grow lots of new 'leaves'
and then it's usually because you've totally ignored them and stuck them
someplace out of heavy traffic.


Catherine wrote:
I would like to know what I need to do to make crinums (onion plants)
and happy.  I got two bulbs, planted them, and waited.......... almost
nothing has happened whereas I have had to prune my stem plants several
since February when I planted the tank.  Now the leaves are turning white on
the end, and not much growth.  What gives?
Also, I noticed that the leaves on the baby plants (only 1 inch high at this
point) the java fern is making are turning darker on the tips.  Is this
normal, or are they showing signs of a deficiency?
The crinums are towards the front of the tank -- perhaps they would be
happier in the back where the light strip would hit them more?  They are in
Flourite, and I am using Kent Pro-plant, DIY CO2 added, 80 degrees, ph of 7
and kH of 5.