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Can't kill this greenwater ! HELP :)

Ok I have blanked out the tank for 2 weeks with a heavy black blanket and I
checked and the tank had cleared significantly but was still not crystal
clear.  I changed 70% of the water and installed my new lights (180W of
fluro over a 50gal tank) and in a few days the tank and gone liek peas soup
again ! what should I do ? I thought maybe I will try and attack it froma
different angle by heavily planting with something like ambulia, and have
lots of riccia and duckweed on the surface and then supplement with
nutrients (which ones should I add?).

At the moment It had an eheim 2224 professional on it with co2 being
injected directly into the filter from 2 DIY 2L co2 bottles.

Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a heap

Perth, Western Australia