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Re: how do you make onion plants happy?

I would like to know what I need to do to make crinums (onion plants) healthy 
and happy.  I got two bulbs, planted them, and waited.......... almost 
nothing has happened whereas I have had to prune my stem plants several times 
since February when I planted the tank.  Now the leaves are turning white on 
the end, and not much growth.  What gives? 
Also, I noticed that the leaves on the baby plants (only 1 inch high at this 
point) the java fern is making are turning darker on the tips.  Is this 
normal, or are they showing signs of a deficiency?
The crinums are towards the front of the tank -- perhaps they would be 
happier in the back where the light strip would hit them more?  They are in 
Flourite, and I am using Kent Pro-plant, DIY CO2 added, 80 degrees, ph of 7 
and kH of 5.