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RE: ph question

Many tap water supplies contain a high level or co2 in
it, thus lowering the ph.  But then after the water
sits in your tank for a while, the co2 outgasses
(escapes) from the water, thus raising the ph.  My tap
water comes out at 7.2, but then after the water sits
for a while, goes up past 8.8.  As for how to lower
your ph, I don't know, but I thought I'd let you know
about the ph differences.


>Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 03:40:46 -0500
>From: "C. Bostick" <chrisbos at bayou_com>
>Subject: PH Questions

>My tap water is 7.0 or slightly acidic, with a kh of
13, but the water in my
>two aquariums is 7.6 or higher.  I don't have any of
>the ph altering rocks
>or anything like that.  I first tried the ph down
product with no luck, then
Seachem's neutral regulator with no luck. I have
totally gave up on it,
what can possible cause this to happen?  There is
nothing in the two tanks
the same as far as decorations or rocks go.  The only
time ph has dropped
below 7.6 was with the addition of a co2 bottle, ph is
now at 7.4 , but I
want a neutral ph like everybody else.  Given the
fairly hard tap water,
which I understand would make it have a strongly
buffered ph, why does it
suddenly jump so high when the water is poured in the
aquarium and so hard
to bring back down?

Chris Bostick

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