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Re: Background plants

>>I am looking for tall plants for my 75G tank with 220W
light.  Since I have a lot of light green and red
plants, I would like to add a dark green backdrop for
good contrast.  I thought about a shorter variety of
Vals and Cryptocoryne balansae.  I prefer something
that does not get really tall that I have to constantly
cut the tips off.   Can someone give me some advice for
suitable plants?<<

C balansae, retrospiralis in large groups, and Cryptocoryne spiralis has
become my favorite lately...easy to grow
http://www.aquabotanic.com/spiralis2.JPG  According to Jan D.Bastmeijers'
WEB site, there are several variations of spiralis and the commonly
available ones should do well in an aquarium.  Some have brown at the leaf
margins, or the margins are slightly undulated. Mine are straight, smooth,
and dark green.  Like many Cryptocorynes, it can be propagated by dividing
the rhizome. Those species that make their way to the aquaria trade are most
suited for the aquarium.

Dwarf onion plant, (Zephyranthes candida) is also an interesting plant. It
really looks like a green onion with a small white tuber and long thin
spikey leaves. Cryptocoryne ciliata would be nice for a broader shaped leaf
if you want to get away from the ribbon like leaf structure.

Robert Paul H