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Re: Java Fern question

>>I have a dumb question..I got 2 java ferns and noticed on the back of the
leaves there were spots all over them in a uniform pattern. I want to make
sure that this is something normal before I put them in my tank. Last thing
need are creepy crawlys running amuck in my tank.... have had houseplants
that were ferns and you saw these alot on them as they are spores of the
ferns. Is this the same with java ferns...<<

Yes, most definetly. If these spores are triggered, they will sprout into
new plants, creating a lush, thick layer of plants growing out of plants.  I
have achieved this by having the plants in fairly bright light, and then cut
the light drastically for a couple of weeks before increasing the light
again. The end result is growth from the spores.

This is what turns a simple two leaf java fern into a densly compact,
layered bunch of javas that make a much more interesting aquascape.

Robert Paul H
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