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The Berlin Aquarium

<I''m going back in a couple of weeks on vacation and I wanted to
find some attractions to visit while I am there.  I'll be in Koln, Berlin,
Dresden, Munich, Prague, Vienna, Zermatt, and Interlocken.

Are there any popular fishkeeping attractions in any of these
cities?  Clubs, mega-pet stores, public aquariums, anything that a
fish-nutlike me would love to see.

Please advise.  If anyone on this lists actually lives in one of these
cities, I'd love to hear from you.>

Go see this!! My most vivid memories of this place are 1) a large
cylindrical tank with baby Paddlefish (filter feeders) feeding hungrily on
clouds of live daphnia. 2) "the basement" plant display.  You'll know it
when you see it.

When my wife and I were in Europe last ('91) we toured as many Botanical
gardens as we could find. Take yourself to the Berlin Botanical garden and
get ready for a treat.  There are several other great ones in Europe, but if
you can only get to one, try for the one in Berlin.


Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

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