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re: new member

>>I have a 55 regular and 220 watts of light power.  Now I know from the FAQ
section that I exceed my light wattage for the tank size, how ever I am
wondering if there is some kind of filter out there that would allow me to
block out the amount of light that my low to medium light plants can get?<<

I don't know about filters, but here in California there is a chain of
stores called Tap Plastics which will cut to size a variety of plastic,
aryllic, or glass that is tinted to various degrees. I dont know if these
stores ar outside of the state or not. But wouldnt it be easier to simply
cut back on the number of bulbs?

>>The tank has been going for about a year and a half.  The lights are new
however, about 3 months old.   The plants have been looking like they are
getting burnt out.  Kind of yellow around the edges.  I assume this is from
over lighting, but I am not positive about that.  It just started to get
that way after the light change.  Some other plans are doing very well

Its more likely that the increase of your light created nutrient shortages.
Depending on your KH level, CO2 should be 20 to 30 ppm.

Nitrogen shortages produce: Old Leaves turn yellowish.  Small stunted plants
with very large root systems; leaves smaller and lighter in color than
normal; slow growth.  Paleness will start at the tips of the lower leaves.

Potassium shortage: Yellowing of the margins of young leaves, iron
chlorosis, yellowing and curling of older leaves

>>My other question is the fish tank contest......will there be another?  I
sure did like those tanks.  There are some very talented people out there. I
would like to see some web sites of our members also.  Is there a directory
of member web sites?<<

I think its safe to say the AGA will do this again! James? You can buy a CD
ROM of all the pictures of last years competition for only $10. What a deal!
Its worth much, much more. I think you will find most of the people's WEB
sites who frequent this list listed on my WEB page, but I may have missed a
few new ones. Welcome to this list Dave!

Robert Paul H