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Re: new member--bright light

Hi David
     I found that the 72 in. Brite-Lite I put over my 140 gal. tank was too
much, probably because the tank is so shallow, only 16 in. I might add that
this not all the light on this tank, the rest being composed of regular
fluorescent lights. The compact was over the center-rear of the tank, and it
became obvious there was too much light under this unit.
     I read a posting on the list, or some place, by Karen Randall on
placing paper under the offending light--she suggested using tissue paper,
and adding layers until the light was at the proper level. I' ve ended up
with two layers of regular 3-ring note book paper under this unit--and all
problems have ended. It took some time to determine the exact amount
needed--I have no light meter, so it was add the paper, and observe the
results. It works!
                                   Hope this is of some help,    Mandy