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Re:razor blades and algae

>True gardeners will tell you that you have to get down on your hands and
>knees and feel the earth... I'm just suggesting that you get into your
>gardening and feel the wetness, all the way up to your armpits.  Simplify
>and get back in touch with your tank :-)  Just don't pull up any gravel in
>your spongepad.<<

I have used, and still do, both a single edged straight razor, and a
magnetic cleaner I got from http://www.aquariumcleaner.com/ The only time my
razor scratched the glass is when I used a rusty one. This algae magnet and
pad has worked wonderfully though. Its pretty darn expensive at $30
something dollars, but good quality, powerfull magnets are expensive and
this thing is strong enough to crack a finger bone if you are unfortunate
enough to get your finger between the two magnets. With this much strength
though, I havnt found any form of crusty algae that this can not remove with
little muscle power. It even removes hard water deposits at the same time on
the outside of the glass. I was lucky enough to get this thing for free in a
business promo.  I get my arms down and dirty/wet quite often enough thank
you with plant pruning, re-planting, and general aquascaping and care in a
100 gallon tank, two 55 gallon tanks, two 20 gallons, and six ten gallon
tanks. After trying this handy little do dad, I am quite gratefull I have
it, and I do not feel like I am out of touch with my aquariums or my
spiritual appreciation of them! :)

Robert Paul H
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