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Royal panaque

Sorry bad news, you've gone "from the frying pan to the fire", with that 
Royal Panaque. My Amazons, Crypts, Java fern and most amazingly my Anubias 
were severely scored by the rasping of "Spike" my Royal pleco. After the 
leaves were rasped, decomposition set in, first as brown spots and then as 
holes. When I realized he was causing the damage, he was moved to my friends 
55 gal. non-planted tank (Spike's very happy there).

My Royal cleaned better than a "sand blaster". He even scrapped the model 
name printing off of power heads. Royal panaque are able to scrap acrylic 
tanks so severely that you can not see through the sides.

Great fish, fun to watch, but definitely capable of damage to plants and 
anything, softer than glass, that they want to chew on.

Al (who visits Spike at least once a week and feeds him his favorite food, 
canned green beans)
>Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 11:04:19 -0700
>From: "Gabriella Kadar" <kadarg at 3web_net>
>Subject: Royal Panaque
>For reasons that could not be avoided, there is a 6 inch Royal Panaque in 
>destroyed by Clown Loaches planted tank.
>Well, ladies and gents, this babe has cleaned off every speck of every type
>of algae that was present in that tank as of last Monday.  The bogwood is
>spanking clean, the glass is everywhere shiny.  But.....will my remaining
>struggling crypts and vals be next???  Hikari Algae Wafers are being 
>as bribes, but will they and veggies be enough?
>Roger, I added fertilizer to the substrate for the plants.  Actually I've
>done it in a couple of other tanks as well over the past two weeks (I've
>been remiss - slap the wrist) and there is improvement.

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