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Re: Razor Blade and Glass

I just wanted to point out, that it's not necessarily an unwillingness to 
"get wet", that has people looking for a better solution than the scrubber 
pads (of whatever kind).  There is some algae, that is simply too hard to 
be removed from glass by using the pads, regardless of how much you 
scrub.  Well, maybe if you want to scrub each side of the tank for 30 
minutes, you'd get it off, but then I think the glass would be scratched in 
that case as well.  Razor blades remove that hard stuff beautifully.


>True gardeners will tell you that you have to get down on your hands and
>knees and feel the earth... I'm just suggesting that you get into your water
>gardening and feel the wetness, all the way up to your armpits.  Simplify
>and get back in touch with your tank :-)  Just don't pull up any gravel in
>your spongepad.