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Re: CO2 vs. natural

> When even Diana Walstad said in an article a while ago that she was using
> on some tanks.... and yet, using her approach re the fertile substrate etc
> NO CO2, works!  Its just slower, which has some advantages.....maybe I'll

except, no co2, no pearling...  Guess it's a personal preference.  After
seeing amano's books, and my own tanks when fully pearling I'm not fully
happy with just healthy, pretty plants.  I want those little bubbles that
are so beautiful all over my camboda, rotala, etc...
I'm not knocking the natural method - my girlfriends piranha tank sits by an
east-facing window with full sun untill ~11:00a, sand from the local river,
no co2, no fertilization (aside from three small red-bellies ;) ) under 2w/g
flourescent, etc...  It's just simple plants - wisteria, apon, water sprite
in there, but they're very happy.
I just want the leeetle bubbles...

Derek Johnson
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com
my fish - www.geocities.com/djohnson1981