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Crystal Vals Free to a good home (or for some Java Moss)

I am going to be thinning out my crystal val forest this evening.  The first person to
email me at jpflumjr at pkgconsult_com gets the plants for free.  I don't know how many I am
going to have but I would guess about 6-10 bunches.  Some will be short but some will be
tall for sure (22" plus).  I will even pay the shipping.  But the next time you have some
plants to get rid of send them out for free.

If you have some Java Moss for trade I would love to have some.


John Pflum, Jr.
PKG Consultants, Inc.
5533 Fair Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio   45227

Web: http://www.pkgconsult.com
Email: jpflumjr at pkgconsult_com