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DIY CO2 mini-disaster and request for help

I use DIY CO2 mostly because of the low entry cost.  I have 4 plant
tanks.  I don't mind doing a little maintenance now and then.

However, last weekend I made up a new solution for a 10 gallon tank,
two cups of sugar, one packet of gelatin in a 1.5 liter bottle.  I
have a very efficient diffuser and it runs 24 hours.

This tank is practically a solid block of green, but there was
one adult black molly I had been trying to catch and 4 or 5 baby
black mollies.

The co2 concentration went to 45 ppm.  The pH wasn't anything bad
(Houston tapwater has a heck of a buffer) but the fish in the tank
just disappeared.  Probably down in the plants somewhere with a ton
of snails all over them.

So you can kill fish with C02, even if you have a large buffer
capacity (I'm slowly learning all the different ways you can kill

There was a post several weeks or months ago where somebody described
a method of adding sugar solution to a DIY reactor slowly in order
to avoid the peaks and valleys of DIY reactors.  I can't seem to
come up with the correct keywords to find it in the archives.  Can
anybody remember it?

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