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Sources for gravel

I am finding it impossible to find 2-3 mm gravel around OKC.  The LFS's only
stock the epoxy coated stuff and only in the larger sizes.  Almost all of
what I see around here is either 4 - 8 mm or has been painted day glow
white, purple, black, etc.  I have been to all the LFS's I can find, called
numerous gravel yards and sandblasting shops.  3/16-5/16 is the smallest I
can find.  I am using some epoxy coated natural looking stuff now in two
tanks.  After finally getting some planting tools I realize one reason why
2-3 mm is a better size - the bigger stuff is hard to plant in and nearly
impossible to plant ground covers densely (or maybe my technique needs
improvement).  Is there anyone around Oklahoma or in Kansas or north Texas
who has a good source?  I would like to find a medium to darker color of
brown if possible.

Charles Kuehnl