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Re: CO2

>Ten or fifteen years ago everyone talked about how aquatic plants were
>iron limited in an aquarium... (snip)
> Lately, CO2 advocates have become preeminent ... the same language that was
>used for iron, nitrogen and phosphorus is
>now being stridently proclaimed whenever CO2 is discussed.
>What you need to remember is that aquatic plants exist and grow quite
>aggressively in the natural environment with no supplemental CO2 at
>all. The place to start is with a fertile substrate and adequate
>light. All the rest comes later as you become more practiced in observing
>the health of your plants.

Wow, how refreshing to hear someone say this!! :)

When even Diana Walstad said in an article a while ago that she was using CO2 
on some tanks.... and yet, using her approach re the fertile substrate etc and 
NO CO2, works!  Its just slower, which has some advantages.....maybe I'll 
delay getting that Carbo-Plus unit after all!  I'm having fun getting some 
more light into the picture, so I'll play with that for a while!

and about CO2 and the algae wars - I too have had several different types 
visiting; as Tom Barr says, its a matter of working out what is out of balance 
- not always fun, but so far, the plants are winning.

Here's to lots of different ways to grow plants!!

Kind regards,

Susi Barber