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RE: How do I remove this algae from the glass?

Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 21:32:50 -0600
From: "Michael Moncur" <mgm at starlingtech_com>
Subject: RE: How do I remove this algae from the glass?

NEVER, in caps, use a razor blade on a tank, or any scraper that contains a
razor blade.  Even the "experts" gouge the glass surface while trying to
clean off the algae!  As an aquarium and fish photographer I can't tell you
the number of times I've been on the road at some wonderful fishkeeper's
house ready to shoot and had the entire effort ruined by razor blade
scratches.  What's really annoying is after you make the scratch in the
glass the algae grows really well in there just to make you realize your
mistake even more.  I don't like the little green pads either as they make
micro scratches in the glass, especially if you're rubbing hard to remove
some of that stubborn spot <whatever> algae.  I highly recommend going to
the grocery store and buying a pad called O-Celo.  It's by 3M and says
"Ideal for Teflon and Silverstone surfaces".  It's in a yellow box and the
pad looks yellow with a sponge inside of it.  The size is 4.3 x 2.6 x .5
inches.  They do not contain fungicides or any other such stuff and cost
about 1$ each.  I've been using them for about 10 years now and they work
great.  Don't forget, be very careful when you get to the bottom of the
tank, near the gravel.  It's so easy to pick up a piece of gravel and
scratch the heck out of the glass with whatever pad or scraper you are
using.  I pull the gravel back just a bit, do my cleaning and then put it
back.  If you have an acrylic tank, poor soul, I think I would only use a
piece of a T-shirt or softer cloth.  They're pretty but those things micro
scratch so easily!  Now if I could just find a good replacement for the
outside aquarium glass polish "Outright" by the Bramton Company.  Nothing
works better for putting a good protective barrier that resists water spots.
Anyone have an old container they'd like to trade for ?? :-)

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com

> From: SBarnum <sbarnum at snet_net>

> I have what I'm assuming is green spot algae on the glass of my tank.
> It is as hard as a rock and can't come off via scrubbing. Any other
> suggestions?

Since you said glass, I'm assuming it is actually a glass tank.

First, get a Kent Pro-Scraper. These use a hard plastic blade that does
well. They come in various sizes; buy one of the ones with a 3" blade (At
petwhse.com, the 24" long one is #525065, and the 35" long one is #197000.)

That will probably take care of your algae. If not, buy a stainless steel
(#525104, $4.39). This replaces the plastic blade in the scraper with a thin
sheet of metal, and it's *wonderful* for really hard algaes. But don't use
on an acrylic tank.

I just discovered these metal blades and am very impressed. Buy a couple
they look like they'll bend out of shape after a while. It made very short
of a couple months' growth of very hard algae that even the plastic
couldn't help.

If you want a cheaper approach, a single-edged razor blade will work as
but it's not nearly as safe for you or your aquarium.

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