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Re: Big tank

> From: Just Al <justal at lineone_net>
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #951
> Why not try to get one seconf hand...I've just picked up a 6 foot x 3 foot x
> 2 tank complete with a cabinet for 80... Thats about $150

That's cheap but the rest is not going to be:) This is often the case.
Someone gets a "great deal" on the tank itself then has to spend a large
amount of money to fix up the rest then there's electrical cost. Bigger
tanks= bigger cost and maintenance.
> Trouble is I now have to decide how to light it?.. Metal Halids, mercury
> Vapour or plain old fluorescents?... I don't think I can afford the first
> two options. Any ideas??

How tall? A meter tall? Hard tank to work on. Nice, but hard. If it's 2 ft
tall you can use the T-8 lighting( FL's ) that would be the cheapest way to
go. Lots of bulbs and fixture equipment on top of your tank-in your hood
though.  At 3 feet though your going to need something else. The A&H 6x96
watt powercompacts are a good choice there. Cost is about 315$ for the
fixtures and 6 x 35-40$ ea for the bulbs. I'd go with 5000K and 6700K mix.
Cost about 550$+shipping. Tank is not such a good deal anymore? Then you
have to move all that water and filter/heat it. Big job.
Tom Barr 
> Al.