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Subject: Can someone check my math?

Aaron Ivers <aivers at betamachinery_com> wrote:

> Subject: Can someone check my math?
> I'm trying to introduce some more PO4 into my tank from AP's "pH Down", but
> would like someone to check my calculations before I start.
> The packaging says that it is 30% phosphoric acid.  I'm assuming this to be
> H3PO4 (which should be about 97% PO4).
Sounds good.

> Is it acceptable to assume that 1 mL of this stuff then represents (1000 mg
> x 97% x 30%) or 291 mg of PO4?
Also sounds good.

> Then throwing 1 mL into 291 liters of water should produce 1 mg/L of PO4,
> right???
Sounds good. A+ on the chemistry test ;-)!

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