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CO2 in perspective

Hear, hear! A very enlightening little summary of the intellectual history
of planted tanks that should restore some much needed perspective to our


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> Frederik;
> Ten or fifteen years ago everyone talked about how aquatic plants were
> iron limited in an aquarium... all sorts of strategies were developed to
> ensure an adequate supply for the plants and an inadequate supply
> for the algae. Four or five years ago the focus switched to
> nitrogen and phosphorus and the consensus became that limiting phosphorus
> in the water column and supplying it to the plants via the sediment was
> the one true path to success. Lately, CO2 advocates have become preeminent
> ... the same language that was used for iron, nitrogen and phosphorus is
> now being stridently proclaimed whenever CO2 is discussed.
> What you need to remember is that aquatic plants exist and grow quite
> aggressively in the natural environment with no supplemental CO2 at
> all. The place to start is with a fertile substrate and adequate
> light. All the rest comes later as you become more practiced in observing
> the health of your plants.
> dave.