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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #951

Why not try to get one seconf hand...I've just picked up a 6 foot x 3 foot x
2 tank complete with a cabinet for 80... Thats about $150

Trouble is I now have to decide how to light it?.. Metal Halids, mercury
Vapour or plain old fluorescents?... I don't think I can afford the first
two options. Any ideas??

>> I finally found someone locally who could quote a price on a tank of the
>> right size (126 gallons, 5 feet x 22 inches x 22 inches) and I choked on
>> the $700-$750 price tag.  On top of that, the thing was acrylic (glass
>> would have been more expensive and taken longer) and the top braces
>> would limit access pretty badly.  I was underwhelmed.
> Ouch, that's high IMO. Nice size though. If it's 1/2 acrylic then it's worth
> it, if it's 3/8th, your getting well, you know....
> Inter-American Pet Supply, if your interested(check FAMA) in shipping can
> get you any type of glass tank but the shipping might be prohibitive.
> You could likely get a tank of that size for 400$ or so. But....shipping may
> be the same.
> Standard 150 gallon(60x24x24) acrylic's with 3/8th thickness should be in
> the 500-550$ at most. Check around to see how much you can have one built
> for you at the local plastics places. You can then add-delete thicknesses,
> openings, lenghts etc. Some places may be more competitive than you think.
> If you lived closer I could have one built but the shipping would get you.
> It's worth it to spend the extra 100-200$ for the extra thick acrylic.