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RE: How do I remove this algae from the glass?

> From: SBarnum <sbarnum at snet_net>

> I have what I'm assuming is green spot algae on the glass of my tank.
> It is as hard as a rock and can't come off via scrubbing. Any other
> suggestions?

Since you said glass, I'm assuming it is actually a glass tank.

First, get a Kent Pro-Scraper. These use a hard plastic blade that does really
well. They come in various sizes; buy one of the ones with a 3" blade (At
petwhse.com, the 24" long one is #525065, and the 35" long one is #197000.)

That will probably take care of your algae. If not, buy a stainless steel blade
(#525104, $4.39). This replaces the plastic blade in the scraper with a thin
sheet of metal, and it's *wonderful* for really hard algaes. But don't use it
on an acrylic tank.

I just discovered these metal blades and am very impressed. Buy a couple since
they look like they'll bend out of shape after a while. It made very short work
of a couple months' growth of very hard algae that even the plastic Pro-Scraper
couldn't help.

If you want a cheaper approach, a single-edged razor blade will work as well,
but it's not nearly as safe for you or your aquarium.

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